One of the Best Kid Friendly Hotels For Adults

Traveling to mexico with your kids and/or your kids friends can be difficult if ending up in an establishment that mainly caters to adults. One of the best kid friendly hotels for adults in Cancun is the Club Golden Shores Crown Paradise Hotel. There are also other located in different parts of Mexico. As I have been going to this hotel in Cancun for he last 7 years, I will stick to it.

The Crown Paradise Hotel in Cancun is very close to the airport. It is but a 15 to 25 minute ride once you board your transportation and are on your way. Leaving the airport can only be done by making a reservation or buying a ticket on one of the approve van companies allowed at the departure area of the airport. The only other way is to take the bus located at the other end of the airport which locals use to get back and forth to the work.

The hotel itself is very nice and quite large. It has 3 half moon shaped buildings that all are ocean view due to the way it was built. There are 3 pools. One where the activities are taking place all day. Another one just adjacent to the main pool for kids. This pool is not deep. Then there is the adult pool. It is located one the end of the hotel and on the bay side. It is very quiet there. You can not hear all that is going on in the activities pool. The only swim up bar is at the adult pool. There are however two bars on each side of the main pool along with a snack bar. You can get hamburgers, hot dogs, wings and other things here.

There is a japanese place near the main pool that is only open for lunch. The food is made while you wait there and is very good. You can not eat inside this place. There is ample seating outside.

There is a kids club for the kids. It is a miniature water park with a pirate ship, water slides and big mushroom water shoots. You can drop off you child or children for the day. You do have to get them from 2 to 3:30 to give the staff a break. Then they will keep your child until 8 at night. They will take them to eat and to get ice cream. Then they will bring them to that nights show and you can get them back then or sooner if you like.

There is a little section with a bigger water slide for teenagers. And yes an adult can go down it too.

The rooms are spacious and have a quite large bathroom. Some of the rooms can be loud. I would recommend trying to get a room that is not part of the building that the main lobby is in. The noise from all the activity going on until 11:00 at night travels upward and can be heard in your room. This must be a consideration when young children are involved that go to bed early.

There are nightly shows for entertainment. Some are kid oriented. All shows can be enjoyed by parents and children alike.

At night there is a lobby bar in the lobby of course. This bar also has a room on the other side of it that is only open at night. There are comfy big chairs and tables to sit in with waitress service. There are also high bar chairs with those high bar tables. Also off this room is a movie room. It has movie theatre seating with each seat behind a little higher than the one in front. They show some pretty cool kids movies.

If you want to go to downtown Cancun, take the bus. It is a measly .80 cents. There are plenty of them and you can get one every 5 or 6 minutes if not sooner.

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